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Investor Services:
Investors holding securities in physical mode may refer to SEBI Circular dated Mar 16, 2023, with regard to the process and guidelines to update the KYC details.

Form ISR – 1: Updation of PAN and KYC details
Form ISR – 2: Banker’s Attestation of Signature
Form ISR – 3: Declaration Form for Opting-out of Nomination
Form ISR – 4: Request for issue of Duplicate Certificate and other Service Requests

The duly filled-in Forms may be sent to through the registered e-mail ID of the shareholder or can also be submitted in hard copy to the Registrars & Share Transfer Agent.

Nomination with respect to shareholding:
Request for nomination on shares to be sent in the Form SH-13 to the Registrars & Share Transfer Agent by shareholders holding shares in physical form.

You may vary or cancel the nomination and nominate new person(s) in place of the existing nominee(s) by completing Form No. SH-14 and registering the same with Registrars & Share Transfer Agent.

Shareholder holding shares in dematerialized form should approach their Depository Participant concerned regarding the nomination.

Further, the Shareholders holding the securities in the Physical Form may opt-out from the nomination by submitting a declaration in the Form ISR-3.

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For any Investor’s Query and Complaint

Please Contact :-
Ms. Natisha Choudhary
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